Information Superhighway Fast Lane:What It Means For Wellness

From 1999 to 2000, wellness jumps into the next millennium.
or ......
Don't Be Left at the Starting Line as Your Clients, Your Competitors 
and Your Profession Races Off to the Year 2000 and Beyond

 Bill Hettler,MD
     Wednesday, July 21st, 1999  

     National Wellness Institute

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World Internet Access Map

Increase in
Internet Hosts

Distribution of Domain Names

Healthy American Course,
an example of delivering content online

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High Definition Television could be in your future.              Old Time Radio                            Activity Calorie Calculator

Shape Up America! Fitness Center                                  
Adaptive Aerobics                              Move To Get Fit

Explore 21st Century
problem solving:
Decision Support Software

Continuing  Education

Computer assisted, custom tailored, health information
Victor Strecher

Clinical use of
Internet and e-mail

Acquiring Clinical Information
UWSP Detailed Medical History

Self-help groups as an adjunct to the support you provide.

Lurking and learning........
online self-help forums.

Using the Internet to integrate your services with complementary community resources.

Professional Associations

Consider future possible advantages of the merging of HDTV, Internet and Personal Computers.

Bookmark your way out of complexity and confusion

Voice recognition:
Ready for prime time?


Create your own CD's

What does MP3 mean for me?

Staff training and
Patient Education

Bill Hettler, MD
                                     Father of 6 unique people
                                     Director University Health Service at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point since 1977
                                     University Health Service Urgent Care Physician, 27 years
                                     Software developer and technology consultant
                                     Adjunct Professor, UW-Madison Family Practice Program; Physician's Assistant Program
                                     Adjunct Professor, UW-Stevens Point School of Health Promotion and Human Development

Biases acknowledged
                                     I am a Co-Founder of the National Wellness Institute
                                     I am an advocate for physician directed self-care (I assist patients, I do not own them)
                                     I am future-focused
                                     I consider the audience to be patient educators, providers, and consumers of medical services
                                     I believe that patients and their families will increasingly arrive at our offices better prepared to be
                                                partners in the management of their health and well being
                                     I tend to be an eternal optimist. "Don't tell me what you can't do, tell me what you can do!"
                                     I try to follow the advice of true heros.

Goal for this session
                                     List possible technology enhancements of use by wellness professionals.
                                     Explore a few of the possible uses of technology available through the Internet
                                     Review some of the innovative or most popular sites found to be helpful for wellness professionals.
Lead Questions
                                     Frequency of your current e-mail use?
                                                          Less than once a week  
                                                          2 to 3 times a week
                                                          Several times a day
                                                          I am in a twelve step e-mail recovery program

                                    As you arrive at your office, a staff member tells you that the a client you are to see at  
                                                 3 o'clock called to let you know that she has Lodi-Abernathy syndrome.  

                                    What would you do to prepare for that visit?

Internet 101
                                     We have entered the digital age.  Are you thinking digital yet? 
                                                           Banks, airline reservations, gas stations, and even occasional lab results
                                     Who funds the Internet?  How reliable is the information? Sources of revenue include:
                                                           taxes, dues, advertising
                                     Client centered information is the appeal of the Internet
                                     e-mail etiquette

User Friendliness
                                     Streaming Video
                                     Translation to other languages
                                     Handicap accessible web pages
                                     Readability   (greatest challenge is writing for the reading ability of the intended audience)

Active Internet Resources (you guide the resource acquisition)

                                    Digital References Online and CD-ROM based materials

                                     Practice Guidelines
                                     Patient Education Materials
                                     See some of the awards has won

                                     Search Engines (substitute Programs or Utilities for the word Engines)

                                     Finding Specific People

                             Finding Specific Places
                                     This Building from outer space.

                                     Decision Support Systems

                                     MD's ask the expert services, topic or specialty based
                                     Patient/Provider partnership systems e.g., HealthWise Knowledgebase TM

Passive Electronic Resource Acquisition

                                     Maternal and Child Health


                                              AAP   Listserve

                                              AAP Key Contact e-mail system

                                              Health Policy HEALTHPOL@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM

                                              Health Promotion (College Health)

                                              TAGFAM (Gifted and Talented) TAGFAM@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU

                                     Commercial clip services

                                     San Jose Mercury News

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                                     National Wellness Institute
                                     Industry specific services

Physician Specific Services

                                     MD Consult

                                     Clip Service
                                     What patients are reading
                                     Research assistance
                                     Practice Guidelines

                                     Special Interest Groups

                                     On-line conferences
                                     On-line CME courses
                                     Topic specific chat rooms

The technology of the traditional classroom is 500 years old.  The way most of us have been schooled has been called:

Yak-in-a-Box education.

The knowledge purveyor is in the front expounding facts.

How will you take advantage of the resources on the Internet?

How will you learn what is available?

What is a Portal?