Health Services Support for the UWSP Core Competencies


Working Document


How does the Health Service staff help students achieve each of the following:


  1. Read critically, think logically, research effectively, and write coherently.





  1. Write appropriately to a discipline.





  1. Understand human communication and deliver an effective presentation.





  1. Quantify and understand the real world using mathematics.





  1. Use the scientific method, understand the pure sciences, and understand how science relates to individuals or society at large.





  1. Understand and appreciate Non-Western ideas and institutions and how they differ from Western traditions..





  1. Understand and appreciate the culture and history of racial and ethnic groups in the United States and their relationship to the white majority culture.





  1. Appreciate human behavior and heritage and understand the nature, development, and interaction of cultures, societies, and civilizations over time.





  1. Understand, appreciate and evaluate the enduring expressions of the human mind and culture.





  1.   Understand human behavior, the structures of society, and the interrelationships among social institutions and participate as thoughtful and informed members of society at all levels.




  1.  Understand how language functions and cultures differ.





  1. Understand and appreciate the ways human societies interact with and affect the natural environment.





  1. Understand concepts of wellness and apply them to personal lifestyles.