Staff Physician 40%
- Provide Clinical Care to Students
- Provide night and weekend phone call availability
- Provide consultation to Health Service Staff
- Provide consultation to other campus units
- Maintain relations with various specialists
- Coordinate Medical Screening for Academic Programs and Sports: Healthy American, Medical Technology, Student Teachers, Athletic Physicals, Semester Abroad, ROTC

Director of Health Service and Lifestyle Improvement Program 35%
- Provide leadership to Health Service Staff
- Provide liaison with other units on campus
- Insure financial stability of the unit
- Plan for capital item replacement
- Maintain co-operative relations with Student Government
- Assess quality of care provided by staff
- Insure that health sevice complies with CLIA requirements
- Conduct yearly staff evaluations
- Serve as team leader for Physicians Team
- Serve as team leader for Computer Team
- Serve on Quality Assessment Review Team
- Serve on Pharmacy and Therapeutics Team
- Maintain knowledge of computer systems and applications
- Insure compliance with state and federal laws (CLIA
- Provide consultation to Wellness Coordinator and LA program
- Serve as major advisor to the student health insurance program
- Provide ongoing coordination for the student health insurance program as requested by Student Government

Support campus wellness and health promotion mission 10%
- Adjunct Professor in HPERA
- Support Lifestyle Assistant program
- Assist Dean North and Dr. Munson with Employee Wellness Program
- Conduct Research in Health and Wellness
- Assist in team teaching Healthy American course
- Teach Asthma Self-Care course

Community, State and National Service 6%
- Share in the supervision of UW-Madison Family Practice Residents
- Serve as Preceptor for UW-Madison Physicians Assistant Program
- Serve on various Boards as requested:
Medical Advisory Committee for YMCA of the USA
Special Advisor to the President's Council on Physical Fitness
National Fitness Leaders Association
Copps Institute Board

Health Service Director for Assisstant Chancel
lor   4%
- Serve the Student Affairs leadership group, particularly in computer expertise and innovation
- Meet as requested with Assistant Chancellor and other directors

University Physician for Chancellor 1%
- Respond to Chancellor requests for information
- Serve on campus wide planning groups
- Present to parents and students during each summer orientation

Professional Development 1%
- Meet the requirements to earn the Physician's Recognition Award from:
AMA (Category I and II CME)
Attend Seminars
Provide consultation to groups as requested
Attend computer training conferences
National Wellness Institute Board