Three Boys on Rock Island
created 03/04/07

You might wonder,  "What can three boys find to do on Rock Island. Remember, there is no electricity, no roads, no phones, no bathrooms with plumbing, no television, no cars, no malls, no computer games, no computer stores, and no Internet!"

There is a beach!

Skibobbing can be a blast, especially if your dad hits the waves just right.
With four days of flat water, everyone had a chance to try kneeboarding.  Here is Billy at age 6.  He even stayed up when John and Adam fell off.
Mom and dad seem more relaxed when we are just hanging out at the beach. 

We have to wonder why we don't try to be just as "chilled" during the rest of the year.

Dad has been coming to this island since 1972.  He must find some value in upholding this tradition.  He says this is the only part of Door County that hasn't changed in 26 years.
Even knee boards can be used as surfboards or miniature boats.
Being a big brother is an important responsibility.  You are the example that he wants to follow.  John can be very helpful in setting the right course for his younger brothers.
Practicing balance in the shallow waters that are lined with slippery rocks can be a high risk behavior.

Isn't that what we are supposed to do!

Billy has great balance.  He can even stand on his dad's one hand.  He is growing so fast that this will probably be the last year that dad can hold him up with one arm.
Three boys kneeboarding, all in control at the moment.
A boy and his dog, racing down the beach. And this was at the end of a 6 mile hike.
Billy doesn't mind hiking with dad, even if dad does wear "dorky" hats.
The trails are quiet and cool, even on a hot day.  At least once each year we do a family hike around the island.
A hammock can be a great relaxer after a full day of activity.   You can usually find someone to give you a swing.
Mom has developed a great system for keeping our nutritional needs met.  The campsite is relaxed but organized.
Billy and dad kept the firewood supply bountiful.
Billy has "No Fear" as the famous ads say.  He will kneeboard around the island if you let him.
Catching snakes, fish, toads and baby birds were all part of the daily activities.  All animals were released unharmed.  The boys are really able to play together, even though there is a 6 year span in their ages.

Good job boys!