Three Girls on Rock Island
created 03/04/07

You might wonder what can three 11 year old girls find to do on Rock Island.  Remember, there is no electricity, no roads, no phones, no bathrooms with plumbing, no television, no cars, no malls, no stores, and no Internet!
One thing you will surely do on Rock Island is hike.  Every thing you want to see or do requires walking.  It is the standard means of transportation.  As a matter of fact, even bike riding is prohibited on Rock Island.
Of course, if you bring a dog, there are lots of  activities that are generated by taking care of the dog's needs.
If your family has a boat with 10 horsepower or more, and you have a skibob, you can be pulled through the waves.....
Or, you could use it as a small watercraft and paddle around Lake Michigan.  You have to keep your eyes open for the Karfi and private boats coming in and out of the Rock Island harbor.
Of course, if you are there with a family, you have to put up with BROTHERS!!!
Another boat based activity is getting pulled on kneeboards.   Getting 3 girls up and going is always a challenge.  Imagine going from one island to another.
During a hile it is always good to stop for a treat. 
If you walk to the north side of the island you can see the next island in the chain.  St. Martin's Island is a Michigan Island owned privately.   On a clear day you can see the north shore of Lake Michigan.
There are about 12 miles of hiking trails on Rock Island. 
As you start up the hill toward the lighthouse, you have to watch out  for poisen ivy.
There are lots of nooks and crannies in the boathouse.  It is a great place to learn about the history of the island.
Any skill at all will give you success at catching the smallmouth bass that can be seen during the day with your mask and snorkle.
Sunsets are always a treat at night.
If you have a eagle eye, you will see lots of snakes on Rock Island.  There are about twenty species of snakes on the island.  Here is a baby Gartner Snake.  The most commonly encountered snake is the Northern Water Snake, found all around the boathouse.
If you are quick witted, you can create hand communication games.
After kneeboarding from Rock Island to Washington Island, the girls were treated to a beautiful sunset.
Three girls say, "THE END"