Hettler Family Photos
Christmas 2000


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8ofusIola.jpg (73344 bytes) This is the 8 of us at the Iola Winter Sports Area
This is the 8 of us on the garage roof.
Dad is just about there on time.
8ofusroof.jpg (164629 bytes)
roofjumpers.JPG (79465 bytes) Just like Mickey Cooney
and Billy Hettler did,
we still jump off roofs
Dad was able to get them all to pose for
a serious family portrait
Dsc00014.jpg (1398893 bytes)
Dsc00015.jpg (1372351 bytes) Of course there were less serious moments.
Carol, Joeli and Anna 3women.jpg (145611 bytes)
threegirls.jpg (94172 bytes) Anna and the Tauchmen twins,
they are like her sisters
My boy Adam tries to hit me
from the roof, but he misses
adamtoss.jpg (70863 bytes)
3boys.jpg (72807 bytes) Billy, John and Adam
Anna goes up on the roof Mvc-702s.jpg (66162 bytes)
Dsc00005.jpg (536978 bytes) Toby and Billy sledding